Microsoft Office 2010 home and student Hong Kong investment bank says

1 Dec 2011

Microsoft Office 2010 home and student Hong Kong investment bank says

the news has listed netcom slightly drag China telecom, Office 2010 upgrade is on sale now.

at present the latter share price fluctuations in hk $2.5, down nearly 2%. And the market generally believe netcom offer must be a China telecom has certain allowances, will be attractive.

Therefore, from the current situation, the final pricing will be China netcom is less than hk $2.5 a reasonable price.

The board of directors of the company list finalised

Analytic personage points out, China netcom are listed on postponing, but by netcom has been committed to the recent company personnel structure deployment. It is reported, the listed company of the overall structure and framework of the top candidate for personnel in after many after discussing, formal surface.

In the communications industry news “to the board of directors of the company list, most of the candidates were in surprise. Previously strongly linked “airborne” of satcom LengRongQuan still among them, and the financial director to remove a set FanXingCha outside, Microsoft Office 2010 is cheaper than the CDs.

the company finance department LiFuShen also concurrently general manager position.

List of specific as follows: ZhangChunJiang appointed China netcom group (Hong Kong) Co., LTD. And China netcom (group) Co., LTD, the chairman, LengRongQuan as deputy chairman; TianSuNing President (CEO), ZuoXunSheng, PeiAiHua, ZhangChangSheng, ZhaoJiDong as senior vice President, ZhangXiaoTie for a secretary of the board of directors; There are many improvements in Office 2010 Microsoft .

FanXingCha, LiFuShen for financial controller, the group company personnel department general manager and China netcom (group) Co., LTD, general manager of the human resources department MiaoJianHua, group enterprise development and industrial management company general manager and former JiTong JiangWeiPing, vice secretary of party LiLiMing are all directors.




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