Office 2010 Business This is the Office of innovation and excellence of spirit

13 Dec 2011

Office 2010 Business This is the Office of innovation and excellence of spirit

praise, but also of the Chinese domestic software enterprise heavy quality first credit triangle. And in the Office after the market test and enterprise after transition, will continue to cloud computing era of cross-platform and terminal, artful application development train of thought, Microsoft Office 2007 is an amazing gift for me.

to a more broad terminal user experience type service take new step.

Microsoft’s cloud computing Exchange Online (Microsoft Exchange Online) service has malfunction, lead to the user E-mail messages delay 3-9 hours to send. Microsoft local time in the United States on the late Thursday night event to apologize formally users. Microsoft outlook likes the assistant in your office.

Responsible for the business of the Microsoft business production efficiency online service group (BPOS) also admitted, Outlook database service network and electronic mail services are failure, in addition to the Exchange ActiveSync Exchange agreement problems.

Analysis says that is Microsoft’s cloud computing services recently appeared of larger a fault, although this fault than the influence of network services after amazon grind events happen.

Microsoft on Thursday night promised to working to repair problems of technology, Office 2010 sp1 is very easy.

and ensure the future will be in a similar event happens improve communication communication efficiency.

Microsoft online services vice President Dave Thomas (Dave Thomas) in the official blog says, “just as I previously had to say, all the members of the BPOS are conscious that we have responsibilities. As a service provider, we know that any business for the user to bring an interruption of the service is unacceptable.”




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