Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student For cracking the case

26 Dec 2011

Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student For cracking the case

shijiazhuang city public security bureau was founded to quickly competent criminal investigation vice director of the work for the group leader, GaoChengShi public security bureau, promise county maintenance public security bureau, ZhiDuiChang as deputy leader of the bureau Interpol as, transferred more than 160 police and promptly to carry out work detection. Office 2007 has a very simple way to install.

According to the material evidence and visiting survey, as the criminal of the physical features detailed characterization, made clear the city with gaomai, non-grade part of town is to focus on the scope of investigation.

The police for investigation clue side, has nearly issued by a circular and criminals video posted photos widely in city television station, buy office 2010 likes the assistant in your office.

promise gaomai for a reward for broadcast TV announcement, in the city, promise, gaomai it and other network media to post a reward. According to LiXinLe introduction, this is the first time in shijiazhuang city public security department with the network to help solve crimes.

Some suspect arrested nine fight night and day

As more than 160 civilian police gaomai more than 150 kids, non-grade city, Do you ever buy the Microsoft Office 2007 ?

more than 7000 people visit the masses. Through the nine consecutive fight night and day will eventually criminal suspects locked in the south Sue village promise county maintenance. After the visit, and finally determined that some have major crime village man suspected.




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