Office 2010 professional plus It’s free market attitude

26 Dec 2011

Office 2010 professional plus It’s free market attitude

and promised free lifetime, quickly be accepted and a web site registered to try. The official launch of three months, it has been more than the flow of management of Chinese Internet twenty percent overall, and in China’s Internet webmaster conferences won 2009-2010 annual adsense favorite Internet tools selection adsense popularity award. Outlook 2010 is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

Why baidu advertising can quickly beat good “steward, GoogleDFP, families and the Openx and many other strong opponents’ get market?

Erin in survey, the AD showed the speed, the stability of the display advertising, advertising management of convenience, Do you like Microsoft office 2010 trial ?

advertising management of practical, advertising precision and stability of the system, network media is in choice AD management system of the most attention on six performance. But baidu in the six big advertising steward outstanding performance, full beyond opponents, become network media in management network advertising preferred system.

Relying on in baidu large-scale calculation, high load request processing technical strength, Microsoft Office changes life.

baidu advertising housekeeper can provide 99.99% of the service stability, guarantee the stability and high speed advertising show. Baidu advertising not only support a key steward automatic generation advertising a schedule of the table, also support by date book resources, real-time automatic update advertising real-time practical function, make website can easily manage massive advertising a, change numerous for brief.




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