Windows 7 The first time the police use stick and other network to help solve crimes

26 Dec 2011

Windows 7 The first time the police use stick and other network to help solve crimes

The ministry of public security of DNA lock suspects, 3 times catch at success

Yesterday morning, gaomai stick up in city girl, batting away WuWenDe stabbed to death, Office 2010 beta is very easy.

stabbed the criminal suspect rafnar b some were arrested. Police in handling some will promise county maintenance in north Sue south Sue village a rented the cabin captured, so far, the police over nine consecutive day and night fighting, gaomai city GaoPo homicide.

Reported case

For the first time, the provincial capital, the police with network to help solve crimes

Yesterday was 15 when the public security department of the public security bureau in GaoChengShi held a “public security authorities solve ‘5 1′ robbery homicide news conference”,Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a great assistant for your daily life.

shijiazhuang city public security bureau deputy director of the competent criminal investigation uncovered LiXinLe introduces the case.

On May 1, 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon, Microsoft Outlook is an amazing gift for me.

GaoChengShi south MengZhenNa major robbery homicide occurred taking mengcun together, the criminal suspect robbery at will warm WuWenDe farmers with disability knifed todeath, and the warm rafnar b plunge into an and flee.

Shijiazhuang municipal party committee and the city government and provincial public security department leaders attach great importance, request the public security organ to solve crimes as soon as possible.




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