2010 office professional According to the new standard treatment,

6 Apr 2012

2010 office professional According to the new standard treatment,

get to the Internet at a rate of 1 M enterprise users, monthly fees will be from $2500 down to 800 yuan, 2 M enterprise user fees from $3000 down Outlook 2010 to 1000 yuan. As “city yuli” construction speeding up, the city’s 77 key industrial park, will take the lead to achieve the fiber to the home, so for some network conditions allow area, the enterprise may also apply to the 5 M, 6 M rate, the monthly fee for 3000 yuan and 3500 yuan respectively.

To the Shanghai economic committee and information of the recommended excellent enterprise, Shanghai telecom will also provide an additional 15% discount. Fudan download office 2010 software park business department manager XieXiaoJie told reporters, according to the policy, dozens of enterprise in the park ShangWangFei monthly by up to 83%. The deputy director of the committee of Shanghai letter LiuJian revealed by the end of the year, there will be 100 enterprises enjoy preferential, eventually preferential scope expanding to thousands of office 2010 download enterprises.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) claimed recently, PC f through is the best reading device, so Microsoft without his electronic book reader launch.




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